WMC10 Curtea de Arges (ro), Aug. 24 - 27 (mon-thu), 2009


Workshop on Membrane Computing
At the Crossroads of Cell Biology and Computation
from 17 Jul 2006 through 21 Jul 2006

Lorentz Center, Universiteit Leiden
Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom
Gheorghe Păun
Grzegorz Rozenberg

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H.J. Hoogeboom, G. Păun, G. Rozenberg
Preface (+cover +contents)
pdf (1+ixp)pages i-ix
Invited Papers
I.I. Ardelean
Biological Roots and Applications of P Systems. Further Suggestions
pdf (7p)pages 1-7
D. Besozzi and G. Rozenberg
Extended P Systems for the Analysis of (Trans)Membrane Proteins Populations
pdf (2p)pages 8-9
M. Camara
Quorum Sensing: A Cell-Cell Signaling Mechanism Used to Coordinate Behavioral Changes in Bacterial Populations
pdf (5p)pages 10-14
J. Auld, L. Bianco, G. Ciobanu, M. Gheorghe, D. Pescini, F.J. Romero-Campero
Population P Systems a Model for the Behaviour of Systems of Bio-Entities
pdf (5p)pages 15-19
J. Kleijn, M. Koutny
Synchrony and Asynchrony in Membrane Systems
pdf (20p)pages 20-39
V. Manca
MP Systems Approaches to Biochemical Dynamics: Biological Rhythms and Oscillations
pdf (14p)pages 40-53
M.J. Pérez-Jiménez
P Systems-Based Modeling of Cellular Signalling Pathways
pdf (20p)pages 54-73 pdf
Regular Papers
A. Alhazov
Minimal Parallelism and Number of Membrane Polarizations
pdf (14p)pages 74-87
A. Alhazov, R. Freund, M. Oswald, M. Slavkovik
Extended Variants of Spiking Neural P Systems Generating Strings and Vectors of Non-Negative integers
pdf (14p)pages 88-101 pdf
A. Alhazov, Y. Rogozhin
Towards a Characterization of P Systems with Minimal Symport/Antiport and Two Membranes
pdf (16p)pages 102-117 pdf ppt
O. Andrei, G. Ciobanu, D. Lucanu
Expressing Control Mechanisms in P systems by Rewriting Strategies
pdf (14p)pages 118-131
F. Bernardini, R. Freund
Tissue P Systems with Communication Modes
pdf (13p)pages 132-144 pdf
L. Bianco, F. Fontana
Towards an Hybrid Metablic Algorithm
pdf (14p)pages 145-158
L. Bianco, D. Pescini, P. Siepmann, N. Krasnogor, F.J. Romero-Campero, M. Gheorghe
Towards a P Systems Pseudomonas Quorum Sensing Model
pdf (18p)pages 159-176
R. Brijder, M. Cavaliere, A. Riscos-Núñez, G. Rozenberg, D. Sburlan
Membrane Systems with External Control
pdf (19p)pages 177-195
N. Busi, M.A. Gutierrez-Naranjo
A case study in (mem)brane computation: Generating { n2 | n ≥ 1 }
pdf (17p)pages 196-212 pdf
N. Busi, C. Zandron
Computing with genetic gates, proteins and membranes
pdf (16p)pages 213-228 pdf
M. Cardona, M.A. Colomer, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez, A. Zaragoza
Classifying States of a Finite Markov Chain with Membrane Computing
pdf (13p)pages 229-241 pdf
M. Cavaliere, R. Mardare
Playing with Partial Knowledge in Membrane Systems: A Logical Approach
pdf (19p)pages 242-260
P. Cazzaniga, D. Pescini, D. Besozzi, G. Mauri
Tau Leaping Stochastic Simulation Method in P Systems
pdf (13p)pages 261-273
G. Ciobanu, M. Gontineac
P machines -- An automata approach to membrane computing
pdf (16p)pages 274-289
E. Csuhaj-Varjú, R. Freund, D. Sburlan
Modeling the Dynamical Parallelism of Bio-Systems
pdf (21p)pages 290-310
E. Csuhaj-Varjú, M. Margenstern, G. Vaszil
P Colonies with a Bounded Number of Cells and Programs
pdf (12p)pages 311-322 pdf
J. Dassow, G. Vaszil
P Finite Automata and Regular Languages Over Countably Infinite Alphabets
pdf (14p)pages 323-336
L. Fernando, F. Arroyo, J.A. Tejedor, J. Castellanos
Massively Parallel Algorithm for Evolution Rules Application in Transition P Systems
pdf (7p)pages 337-343 ppt
G. Franco, P.H. Guzzi, V. Manca, T. Mazza
Mitotic Oscillators as MP Graphs
pdf (12p)pages 344-356
P. Frisco
Infinite Hierarchies of Conformon-P Systems
pdf (15p)pages 357-371 ppt
T. Hinze, T. Lenser, P. Dittrich
A Protein Substructure Based P System for Description and Analysis of Cell Signalling Networks
pdf (15p)pages 372-386 pdf
O.H. Ibarra, S. Woodworth
Characterizations of Some Restricted Spiking Neural P Systems
pdf (10p)pages 387-396
A. Leporati, D. Pagani
A Membrane Algorithm for the Min Storage Problem
pdf (20p)pages 397-416 pdf ppt
G. Liu, M. Ionescu
Further Remarks on Trace Languages in P Systems with Symport/Antiport
pdf (12p)pages 417-428 pdf
H. Nagda, A. Păun, A. Rodriguez-Paton
P Systems with Symport/Antiport and Time
pdf (14p)pages 429-442
A. Obtułowicz
Mathematical (Denotational) Semantics of Some Reducts of Ambient Calculus and Brane Calculi
pdf (12p)pages 443-454
F.J. Romero-Campero, M. Gheorghe, L. Bianco, D. Pescini, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez, R. Ceterchi
Towards Probabilistic Model Checking on P Systems Using PRISM
pdf (19p)pages 455-473
A. Romero-Jiménez, M.A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez
Graphical Modelling of Higher Plants Using P Systems
pdf (11p)pages 474-484 pdf
J.M. Sempere, D. Lopez
Identifying P Rules from Membrane Structures with an Error-Correcting Approach
pdf (16p)pages 485-500 pdf
Y. Suzuki
An Attempt to Analyze the Dynamics of Abstract Rewriting Systems on Multisets
pdf (6p)pages 501-506
S. Verlan, F. Bernardini, M. Gheorghe, M. Margenstern
On Communication in Tissue P Systems: Conditional Uniport
pdf (15p)page 507-521
D. Zaharie, G. Ciobanu
Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms Inspired by Membranes in Solving Continuous Optimization Problems
pdf (16p)pages 522-537 pdf

(5.7'06, 16:16 papers) (13.12'06, 10:17 transparencies)